The path to loving healthy food

If junk food cravings have been sabotaging your weight management for years, new research reveals the TRUTH behind why these unhealthy (but delicious) foods are so hard to quit...


How These 3 “Tastebud Hijackers” Keep Americans Hopelessly Addicted to Fattening Junk Food And Make It Impossible To Look, Feel, And Move The Way You Want...

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If you’re one of the millions of Americans silently suffering with cravings that keep you from reaching your weight goals…

THIS could permanently change how you THINK about cravings — and help you maintain a slim, healthy body as well.

Be honest… Over the past year, have you noticed any of these changes in your body?


  • Insatiable cravings for carbs and fat-filled foods like pizza, french fries, or pasta
  • Constant tiredness and fatigue, both when you’re hungry or when you’ve just eaten
  • Finding it hard to stop eating, eating all you want but still craving more
  • Inability to refrain from junk foods for any extended period of time
  • Difficulty shedding fat — especially around your stomach or midsection despite attempts to manage your eating...
  • Desires to snack throughout the day and evening to maintain mood and energy levels


If you’ve experienced any of these things -- even in small amounts -- you could unknowingly be ignoring tell-tale signs that your taste buds have been “hijacked.”

That’s right: A new body of scientific research FINALLY explains why so many people find it impossible to stop their cravings for fattening food - while others never get hooked and can eat whatever they want… whenever they desire!


Do you ever wonder why some people can gobble up healthy food like it candy while others stop thinking tastes dirt?
For decades, the medical establishment has only had one response: some people just have more “willpower” and “discipline” than others.

But that doesn’t really answer the whole question...

All those people who enjoy eating healthy food aren’t just “sucking it up” and doing it for the physical benefits…

Truth is, they LOVE how these healthy foods taste, too!

That’s the only reason they can stick with it.

And it’s the 1 big reason why the rest of us can’t.

See, when your taste buds are “hijacked,” healthy food can NEVER taste good… and when they’re not “hijacked”, healthy food tastes like it’s supposed to - delicious and easy to eat all the time!

But no matter who you are or how long you’ve struggled with reaching for foods that pack on unwanted weight, rather than help it disappear…

Addressing one simple problem can halt and reverse your taste buds from being “hijacked” ever again - opening a new door to LOVING nutritious foods, not just as much, but MORE, than any junk food you can find.

I’m going to explain the only known method to fix that problem in a few minutes.

But first, let me tell you how I came to learn about all this…

The Real Difference Between People Who Love Healthy Food and Those Who Don’t
(Hint: It’s NOT Willpower)

There are two kinds of people: those who think healthy food tastes good and everyone else.

For most of my life, I fell into that second category.

Since you’re still reading, I’m guessing you do too.

I watched people gleefully scarf down salads and chug green smoothies. But the only “vegetable” I could stomach was the lettuce on my burgers...

“They must be lying. They just want to show off how good their diet is. They might be healthy, but they aren’t enjoying that food one little bit…”

That’s what I believed. Nobody actually loves healthy food that much, right?

But a little voice inside of me still wondered… why is it so much easier for them to eat right than it is for me?

It didn’t feel fair. And it didn’t make any sense.

I tried everything they told me. I doctored up my veggies with sauces and seasonings... I added fruit to make those god awful kale smoothies taste edible (didn’t work)... I even tried simply quitting carbs and sugar cold turkey, which lasted for about a week before I broke down.

In the end, NONE of it worked.

And it all dropped me back at square one… with a Big Mac in one hand and a large Coke in the other (plus a whole lot of shame and frustration).

I looked in the mirror, and at 40+ lbs overweight… I was at the end of my rope.

I looked at the “diet crowd” and was ready to give up on ever being one of them… no matter what, I always came back to pizza, burgers, pasta, bread, and anything loaded with cheese, of course.

I felt like an addict.

I started thinking I was worthless… that I didn’t deserve the benefits of a healthy diet.

I was resigned to staying fat, sick, and tired for the rest of my life - which probably wouldn’t be long, based on my physical condition.

But the reason I felt so hopeless is because I was losing control over my own body.

Turns out it’s because no matter what I tried…

I still didn’t understand ONE SIMPLE THING:

For decades, the conventional medical establishment has led us to believe that eating healthy is a matter of discipline and willpower - that junk food cravings are just a “fact of life” and that they never really go away.

But now, research is finally proving that simply isn’t true!

The fact of the matter is this:

When your body is functioning as it should, you will automatically crave nourishing foods that keep you trim and healthy. This is true for both men and women of any age.


Modern environments and daily life can cause massive disruption in your body’s natural balance -- causing erratic cravings which make it impossible to enjoy, or even THINK about eating the foods your body needs most.

More specifically, there are 3 major “imbalances” caused by modern life that negatively influence our eating habits… and ultimately control our health and our lives.

To keep things simple, we’ll just call them “tastebud hijackers.”

In a perfect world where these “hijackers” don’t exist, all the negative effects of unhealthy eating would cease to exist - obesity, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, brain fog… and the list goes on.

But unfortunately, our world today is far from perfect, and your body needs additional support to do what it’s intended to do naturally -- crave and enjoy the healthiest food you can find.

Sounds tough, but it’s NOT.

See, giving your body what it needs to stop and reverse these “tastebud hijackers” is quite simple.

But before I explain the solution to rewire your body’s cravings and start reaping all the physical and mental benefits of someone who LOVES eating healthy food, you should understand what your body is up against.

So let’s look at the three biggest “tastebud hijackers” responsible for taking control of your body’s cravings.

When you can’t stop thinking about a certain food, your body is trying to send you a message. It needs something you aren’t giving it. It has an imbalance that it wants you to fix.

But unfortunately the human body is trained to understand only basic commands...

It’s smart enough to tell you it needs something… But it can’t tell you where to get it.

To make matters worse, your body is selfish. It’s built for survival. It doesn’t care where you get the things it wants - or if you gain 10 pounds in the process. It just wants to make you eat anything and everything until the imbalance is fixed.

For example, maybe your body is low on magnesium.

You could get the magnesium you need from two handfuls of fresh spinach OR from a large order of McDonald’s fries. 1 2

Your body doesn’t know the difference… and it doesn’t care.

So why doesn’t your body tell you to eat the spinach instead of the fries?

Well, to answer that question, you first need to understand...

Why Your Grandparents
Never Got Hooked On
Junk Food

Like I said, your body only cares about 1 thing: survival.

But your body needs A LOT of different things to survive - vitamins, trace minerals, hormonal precursors, and the list goes on.

So what does your body do to make sure it gets all those things? Well, it plays a little trick on you…

Since it can’t tell you the hundreds of exact nutrients it needs, your body tells you crave 3 broad macronutrients... hoping that as you seek out foods with those 3 things, you’ll naturally end up eating all the other critical things it needs to thrive. The macronutrients your body is wired to crave are… sugar, salt, and fat.3

But a long time ago, this used to actually be a GOOD THING: before the rise of modern agriculture and processed foods, it was nearly impossible to eat something sugary, salty, or fatty that didn’t also have a considerable serving of other nutrients.

Back then, junk food simply didn’t exist. The body’s natural instincts were suited to its environment.

That’s why most people born before 1950 never seemed to struggle with overeating junk food. They never got hooked in the first place.

But today, we have access to processed foods abundant in sugar, salt, and fat, but with zero of the nutritional value of REAL FOOD.

These are described as modern “engineered macronutrient foods.”

The food industry today has taken your body’s biological instinct and exploited it for profit.

Instead of producing food that satisfies the body’s cravings AND has nutritional value, they’re focusing on the cheapest way to appease your instinctual desire for sugar, salt, and fat.

The result? You can eat today’s processed foods all day long, but your body will only keep asking for more - for the simple reason that it’s never getting what it REALLY wants and needs.

So just to be clear… your body isn’t the problem here. You’ve done nothing wrong.

The body was designed for a different world than the one we live in today. It’s trying to look out for you.

And up until about 50 years ago, the body’s tactics to drive human eating behavior worked perfectly fine.

It was only after the food industry hijacked our instincts when things started getting bad...

The difference between engineered macronutrient junk food and real food is like the difference between coca leaves and cocaine… Unprocessed coca leaves are 100% safe and healthy to consume, despite their trace amount of cocaine -- South American cultures have done so for centuries, especially in mountainous regions of Columbia and Chile as a tonic for altitude sickness.

There’s no problem unless you artificially refine the cocaine molecules out of the leaves and consume them in larger amounts than nature intended!

Whole, unprocessed foods are just like raw coca leaves… sure, they have some sugar, salt, and fat -- but only in reasonable amounts that are perfectly healthy to consume.

But when you refine whole foods into engineered macronutrient foods with high amounts of refined sugar, salt, and fat, it becomes something dangerous and addictive - just like when people make cocaine from coca leaves.

Which leads us to...

Neurochemical Imbalance

Why Sugar and Carbohydrates Feel Harder to Quit Than Heroin

I still didn’t understand ONE SIMPLE THING: