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  • Spade Superfoods Blend is a best-in-class blend of over 50 nutrient-rich ingredients. 
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Market to promote:Turmeric Curcumin

  • Weight-loss
  • General nutrition
  • Deficiency nutrition

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  • Helps manage weight through nutrition
  • Helps manage stress and mood through nutrition
  • Helps manage fatigue and inflammation through nutrition

Top Performing Emails:

:  Just 1 teaspoon a day helps shed unwanted fat.

Doctors have recently discovered a combination of herbs that shut down your body’s ability to make and store fat.

It also forces your body to burn more of the fat you already have.

Some folks are losing up to 21lbs in as little as 21 days by drinking a new beverage containing these nutrients every single morning. Even better - it takes just a few seconds to make, and tastes delicious!
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To your rapid fat loss success,
Dr Daniel Larke
Spade Nutrition

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Promotional Policies and Guidelines

Please be aware of the following:

Affiliates can NOT run ads on Google Adwords (or any Google property), bid on "Spade Nutrition" branded keywords, use the term "Spade Nutrition" in any PPC ads.

Affiliates are not permitted to use any terminology in ads or landing pages that are similar to "scam" or "fraud".

Affiliates must NEVER use any images or videos that they do not explicitly own, and are forbidden from using any imagery that would imply any endorsement without written consent from the appropriate parties.

Affiliates are forbidden from creating webpages, social media pages or accounts that falsely represent themselves as the creators or owners of Organifi products. Any review page and all creative contained therein must include the word 'REVIEW' in the title, the URL and any graphics used in the cover image or profile image. This includes blogs, webpages, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or ANY OTHER online entity whether or not it is considered to be "social media".

Affiliates may not bypass Spade Nutrition pages to generate orders. In other words, no direct linking to cart or order forms from any ads or landing pages. The customer must see our offer as presented by us prior to landing on the cart.

Any affiliate caught breaking any of these terms will be banned immediately without hesitation, and will not be eligible for reinstatement.

And... if you're new to the affiliate program then you should read the following:

ClickBank is the exclusive retailer of Spade Nutrition, so in order to promote Spade Nutrition, you must become a registered ClickBank affiliate. To do this you will have to establish an account at Please note that you are acting as an affiliate for ClickBank and therefore must adhere to all of Clickbank’s terms and conditions as can be found here:

Once you are a registered ClickBank affiliate you will be able to send traffic through a special ClickBank generated affiliate link using our Hoplink generator, and you will automatically be credited your respective commission for all sales that result from traffic you send through your special ClickBank affiliate link.